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GPP provides premier locations, innovative design, long range planning and consultancy services that turn complex real estate issues into opportunities for growth. Our key strength lies in our experience, expertise and professionalism of our team. We focus on management and strategic planning that lead to the best of decisions through deploying the following: -

  • Market Research
  • Market Analysis
  • Advisory
  • Strategic Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Performance Measurement

  • Development

    GPP specializes in the acquisition, development and management of commercial and residential properties. Our development ranges from office, retail, industrial, mixed-use development such as boutique hotel and residential apartments, shopping malls etc. Our reputation for quality ensures that the development of all commercial and residential projects are built with materials of the highest quality and delivered to the highest industry standards. Our Project is ‘The Pacific Lagos’. It is a great blend of commercial and residential hotel apartments and play space development, in a vertical mixed-use high rise structure. It is a fully serviced self sufficient structure that will be with equipped with state of the art facilities to harness and re use the energy around it thereby saving on consumption of energy

    Sales and Marketing

    At GPP, we have a team of well trained and experienced sales persons that can help deliver on your sales target or objective. Our sales and marketing team will meticulously handle your properties starting from Nigeria to UK, UAE and other parts of the world. Kindly reach out to us and let us see how to meet your sales target on time.

    property Listing

    As a client of GPP, we offer you our service in "property listing" and property management in anticipation of sales. We have our world-class web infrastructure to host your distinguished asset and the professional capacity to maintain/improve your property value over time. This service extends to the virtual space and the physical property you entrust with us for listing. As our client, we take the burden of property sales off you and guarantee professionalism up to the point of sale. After sales, we can provide a report of your asset’s historical performance and improvements for future consultations. While we are yet to launch our web platform; to provide premium affiliate/associative marketing, we group your property with similar property classes. In addition, our extensive real estate network supports our industry presence, which will deliver our listing to the right audience.

    Your benefits

    Home Staging & Open House

    Due to our global experience, we bring our client access to marketing strategies, with the execution second to none. We have the capacity and network to attract High worth clients fit for property evaluation and purchase. Our open house is guaranteed to showcase your home with professional care, and where home staging is requested, we have partners which guarantee excellence and industry best by global standards.

    Private Marketing:

    Private marketing is available where you want to undergo non-disclosure, and an off-market arrangement for your property sale or purchase. This may be due to societal status or general privacy; we operate with professionalism across borders.

    Your Benefits

  • Privacy and anonymity1
  • Faster off-market inquiries
  • Matching your product to specific demand
  • Continuous progress report
  • Utilise your product until agreed date
  • Sell your home while you buy a home

  • Schedule Free Consultation

    Speak to our real estate experts and benefit from 
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